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Isabelle LamaireGeneral Director & Operations
Bert LamaireGeneral Director & Sales
Pierre LenoirQuality Manager & Prevention Advisor
Sandra De GrooteTenders & Security Manager
Arne VanheeBusiness Development Manager
Bjorn D'HaevelooseSales Manager
Johan VandewoudeHRM, F&A Manager
Iris RotsaertF&A Assistant , Fleet Manager
Evelien EveraerdtF&A Assistant
Els DecroubleF&A Assistant
Wouter SixKey Account Manager Express Europe
Michael De BeukelaarKey Account Manager Vans Europe
Birger MaesKey Account Manager Fridge N-S-W Europe
Roel ButaeyeDispatcher Fridge N-S-W Europe
Olivier LeupeKey Account Manager EU
Nele BarrezeeleKey Account Manager Fridge CEE & The Balkans
Rossi KolevaPurchase Manager Fridge CEE & The Balkans
Vladyslav Van ElsanderDispatcher Fridge CEE & The Balkans
Hilde TruyaertKey Account Manager Fridge CIS, Asia & The Middle East
Natalia MakarenkoPurchase Manager Fridge CIS
Pavel TroshkovPurchase Manager CIS,ASIA & The Middle East
Veerle VelgheKey Account Manager Tilt Europe
Yelena MakarushinaPurchase Manager Tilt CIS
Marloes MaresOperational Administration
Ksenia LebedevaOperational Administration & Fleet Assistant
Floor DeberdtOperational Administration & Fleet Assistant
Veronica KratsiukOperational administration
Ekaterina AstashevichOperational administration
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