Knowledge of and experience with international transport

The preparation and organization of your transports out off the European Union requires a specific knowledge and experience. We organize this work and we deliver your goods just-in-time.

Customs formalities

Soncotra is responsible for the complete follow-up, organization and handling of all customs documents and administration for all your transports by road, rail, air and sea.

Storage and transshipment of products for transport and logistics

Soncotra provides the necessary facilities and qualified personnel for temporary storage of goods. Every week transhipments of cargoes from Spain, France, United Kingdom to the CIS, the Balkans and Eastern Europe are organized from our main office in Poperinge (Soncotra, Belgium).

Bulk transport

If the volume of your products is not large enough to fill one of our trucks, Soncotra can arrange partial or split shipments for you. Moreover, products can be pre-loaded and temporarily stored in the Soncotra warehouses.
  • price determination per pallet and/or per loading meter
  • bulk transport from and to Russia, the CIS, the Balkans and Eastern Europe
  • no set departure days, we ship on the day requested by the customer or in consultation with the customer
No bulk transport in thermo trucks!
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