Pharma & Cosmetics

For years, Soncotra has been specialised in the temperature controlled and refrigerated transport for diverse sectors.
Our vehicles comply with all the European GDP-directives for the international transport of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products:
Satellite link on the trailers for permanent goods location Euroscan Printer with logged temperature information GPRS-connection with alarm for temperature deviations Extra door security with remote control Regular check-ups of the cooling elements Annual calibration of the cooling elements and sensor.
Other features
  • Double loading floor and wall partition
  • Bi-temperature-system
  • Several cooling possibilities
  • Frozen, 2°C and 8°C°, 15°C and 25°C
Main destinations
  • Czech Republic and Poland
  • Slovakia and Hungary
  • Romania and Bulgaria
  • Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan
  • New Destinations -> The Middle East   Iraq , Iran ...

Customer satisfaction

In our customer satisfaction survey, Soncotra often receives the maximum score
for ‘communication and friendliness’. What else do our customers say about our
Healthcare “Soncotra has everything to grow into the number one transport company!””
Pharma “Very satisfied. Also last-minute bookings run smoothly. Long
live the friendly and helpful Soncotra staff members!
Automotive “Soncotra is always ready for us. Thanks to them, we always find the best and fastest solution. We can always count on a
high-speed quotation and a simple administration.
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